Insigniada is a brand consulting agency focused on creative and results-driven designs.

Located in Zagreb, Croatia

Specialized in building brand identities

Successfully served clients from 23 countries

Our mission is to develop the brand by designing or re-designing it’s visual identity, as well to develop strong online and offline tools for both small and the large businesses.

How We Work

So, you are just starting a new brand? A restaurant owner that would like to re-brand totally? Or you are an established entrepreneur with a product in need of an outstanding new visual identity?

Or, it could be possible that you’ve had bad past experiences working with designers that didn’t understand your needs and wasn’t able to meet your expectations.

We are different. We take the time to focus and work exclusively with you to build an outstanding brand.

Analyze The Problem

We are going through the discovery process to figure out what exactly you need. Series of conversations that will give us a better vision and understanding of you, your business and products. It’s all about figuring out where are you now and what are your future goals for the business.

We always strive to understand you, and to figure out what will help accomplish your goals and not waste your time, energy and money on thing you don’t need.


After the discovery process is done (most likely one or two email exchanges/Skype calls), we’ll set up a 3 packages-option proposal that includes deliverables, pricing, timeline, and terms.


We work with fixed/project pricing rather than hourly pricing. That allows you to know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the discussed project. No worries about the hourly rates and unexpected costs at the end.

Three choices will be presented, each with a set of deliverables greater than the next. These packages vary based on the scope of work, with at least one of the packages that fit your budget range.

The typical project ranges between $1,500 and $4,500.

Payment Plans

Projects are typically billed in at least two installments. The standard payment plan requires 50% of the total price upfront, and the remaining half upon project completion, before the delivery of final files. Invoices are submitted via e-mail as a PDF, Word or Excel file. We accept and prefer secure online payments like PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer.

Discounts of up to 10% are available for paying 100% upfront, at the time of the contract signing.

No Surprises Or Risks Involved

We like to reduce the unexpected moments as much as possible. When we are doing a visual design work (which is most likely), we’ll keep you informed from the beginning. Ideas, potential directions, sketches, rendered concepts and mood boards will be provided throughout the project. That way, we ensure that you are a part of the project, not just a sideliner watching without any feedback or input.

When we present the designs, we like to present them in context – that way you’ll have an excellent idea and preview how your brand will look like in the real world. So, for example, if we are designing new beer labels for you, we’ll present the design mocked-up on beer bottles, instead of just showing you the 2D beer image label.

Ready To Get Started?