Why Has Flat Logo Design Been Adopted By Many Companies

Flat design trend has taken over a lot of businesses having their presence on mobile and the internet. While trends are not supposed to last longer, the flat design appears to stay for a long time in the near future. Many big brands have updated their logos to a flat one. This brings out the question, why is the design of the logo so important for any business? Most people have a tendency to think that a logo has to be flashy or attention grabbing in order to be remembered, the real fact is that having a colorful and complex logo can actually be detrimental, as customers could find the logo annoying, or simply overwhelming. Most people don’t stare at logos for a long time; rather they allow their eyes to pass over them for less than 3 seconds. This means that a logo has a few seconds to be registered and sub consciously memorized, so if a potential customer finds your logo overwhelming, it might deliver the wrong impression. A good design, however, should inculcate all characteristics that can make the business marketable. It should be neat and organized in accordance with the principles of designing. How to create a great looking and easily memorable image for their business is the great question in the minds of many business owners. Professionals will carefully evaluate the nature of the business, its intended audience, competitor’s image and several other factors before creating the logo and brand image.

Key Features Of The Flat Logo Design

A Clean Look

Being simple and minimalistic give flat logos a clean look. A clean design boosts the brand’s message more easily as there is no clutter in the design to confuse the viewer. Customers tend to connect more easily to a clean simple design as compared to a flashy complex one. Professional logo design services emphasize on the keeping the logo design flat and simple to achieve greater success.

A Mobile Friendly Feature

Flat logo design works best on mobile as compared to other design approaches. When smart mobile phones were relatively new, buttons and 3D icons were more favored. However,as time went by, graphic designers found out that if you want smooth scaling on various mobile devices, flat design is the best. Needless to say, the rise in business through mobile has paved way for the need for many businesses to be mobile friendly. And logo design services have just followed the lead of this trend fuel by business needs.

Better Impression with Bold And Vibrant Colors

Flat logos are minimalistic, clean and display very vibrant and striking colors. The focus on bold colors is based on the need for the business to grab the attention of the customer and leave a long lasting impression. Flat logo designs have no drop shadows, gradients or textures that bring in a 3D effect. Graphic designers use the contrast of loud colors to indicate where a border begins or ends.

Reasons Why The Flat Logo Design Has Widely Been Incorporated

Variation In Screen Size And Resolution

Earlier designs adopted the use of shadows partly due to lack of high-resolution displays.At the moment 720p is the least resolution you can get in most screens thus shadows are no longer necessary. So the images look sharp without heavy boundaries.

It Has A Low File Size

Many popular file formats are encoded with variations in color and pixel intensity.This means a picture with one color and edges may be smaller than the one with lots of colors and edges. A flat design has fewer colors, usually with the same intensity, and no complicated details. This is vital for companies whose logos which appear multiple times on different pages thereby reducing load times.

Provides A Better User Experience

User experience is defined by how a user feels about using a certain product or service. With over 50% of browsing done using Smartphone and tablets, it is time for businesses and companies to consider how their marketing strategies are viewed on mobile devices. Since flat logos are easier to load, they reduce loading time and thus making the user experience better.

Simplicity Of The Flat Logo Design

Loading up your design with loads of colors, images, and fonts will make it extremely complex for your target customers to understand it. Simplicity is all about how well your customers are able to understand your logo design. A logo which can communicate your business vision and your corporate message easily with optimum colors and image induction into it makes up a simple logo design.The simplicity in the flat logo design makes it easier to convey the best about the brand and thus attracting more customers.

It’s Resource Efficient

For digital products, especially for beginners, time is of great importance. Based on the users’ needs, you may be required update your product fast. Flat style design allows you to spend less and get more.The simplicity makes it easier for it to be developed in the shortest time possible and with fewer resources.

It’s Easy To Recognize and Memorize

Come think about Apple’s logo, simple, smashing and beautiful. A flat design gives potential customers a symbol that is memorable, to help them associate with your company and one which they can be able to absorb at a glance. Quick recognition is the key to an effective logo design.

Versatility and Scalability.

The flat logo is versatile and scalable meaning that you’ll be able to place your logo everywhere.The simplicity of the design allows the logo to make sense at any size, from business cards to letterheads.Moreover, the flat style simply looks good. Our ideas of what looks nice have evolved and now the cleaner and crisp logo feel better than a 3D one.   While trends are meant to not last, flat design has got an exception.The minimalistic and modern aesthetics are here to stay for quite some time. If your brand thrives heavily on business from mobile then it’s high time you get the help of professional logo design services to design a flat logo for your company. After all, there must be a huge reason why the logos of big brands have all gone flat.

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