Smith & Johnson

Corporate bank Re-Branding

‘Smith & Johnson’, a private bank located in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf, are looking for an overhaul of their current brand. ‘Smith & Johnson’ have been using their current logo for many years now, so this is a chance to bring their new brand in line with modern design trends.

The average age of a ‘Smith & Johnson’ is 40+, but they are looking to attract a much younger audience so they feel that now it’s time to add a more laid-back, creative touch to their branding, particularly with the use of an interesting, custom-made ampersand (&).

The objective was to give their current old-corporate looking identity a new fresh, modern look and feel. The logo had to have that small icon element that can be extracted from the name to work by itself. Also, they wanted to have something that will work on various color backgrounds as the logo will be placed on various items like bank cards, staff uniforms, buildings etc.

Clean, sans serif modern typography matched with the uniquely done ampersand (that consists of Smith & Johnson’s initials), is the direction we took and they are amazed by their new identity. Ampersand is easily derivated from the logo and works easily as a favicon and on various color backgrounds.

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