Mobile App Branding Proposal

Skale is a mobile app that connects employees and learners with each other, to practice and learn particular sales skills from one another.

The objective was to create a logo and visual identity that will represent the safe place to practice, improve and connect with others at the same time. Since the target audience is young sales representatives, the idea was to create something modern and fun, avoiding the overused corporate look.

That’s why we decided to create the abstract pictorial mark that resembles learning (curves), the collaboration between learners (two shapes) and letter S as well. The final logo can be used in abstract shapes and colors, but in simple and practical one-colored lines for various printing purposes.

The color scheme and typography complement the brand image in a modern way, making the brand consistency even stronger. The green/blue abstract scheme is chosen to convey the brand’s modern, positive and trustworthy side of the app.