Rich - Bridge Residence

Branding & Collateral Materials

New-built Rich Bridge is a prestigious residence that consists of a spa, restaurant and luxury hotel rooms with an amazing overview of famous Nigerian bridge. The brand image is inspired by the grandiosity and the beauty of the bridge. R, that is, like a bridge, connected with the letter B represents a bond between environment and modern residence design.


The typography and the color scheme complement the brand image by adding a touch of elegance and luxury to the brand itself. The golden/red color scheme is a reflection of residence’s elegance and elite service that is served to all Rich Bridge’s guests, through passion and care for the whole time.

The objective was to create a visual identity that will convey the elegant design of residence and their love/passion for guests/employees. Also, it had to be easily recognizable/simple so it can be used on various stuff like signs, cards, menus, robes, towels etc. in the same shape.

That was executed with a simple RB monogram and a crown, that can even stand-alone separately for some purposes if needed.

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