Branding and Packaging

InVive Nutrition is the American supplement company that uses cricket powder as the main ingredient. They are adding various plant proteins and blending it together to create a delicious powder and supplements.

The name stands for the insect revival – In Vive. A definition of reviving is “to give a new strength/energy to” and that’s exactly what they are striving for their customers. But not only that, also giving a new strength to the idea of eating bugs in America – all that in delicious shakes, bars and other supplements they offer.

The objective was to create something bold and tough – something that is going to connect with the fitness enthusiasts and make them a customer. However, they wanted to avoid using (giant) cricket for the logo as it could be a potential turn-off for the customers.

That’s why we created a simple visual identity based on company initials (IN) with the additional wordmark that can work standalone as well. The black-green color scheme is chosen to go along with the brand values – strong, bold, energetic and eco-friendly. The logo and whole visual identity are done in a slight uprising style, to resemble that revival, energy and movement story.

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