Visual identity & Packaging

Avorigen is a fashion jewelry brand, with the main occupation on gold, silver and semiprecious stones for women. Founded in the USA in the late 80s, the brand had the same look/design to this day. As a new name, new visual identity was needed as well.

A new, modern visual identity is a combination of black, gold and beige color scheme – which resembles timeless, elegant and prestige appearance. It’s based on the first letter of a brand name, combined with a small diamond and leaves, to present the connection of nature with luxury.


The objective was to create something modern and simple, that will convey the luxury presence connected with nature, while also looking great on every packaging and engraved/embroidered on jewelry itself.

Letter A (with diamond) can be extracted to keep the clean look on every necklace, bracelet, ring or other jewelry material. Rebranding and completely new visual identity resulted with the 26% increase in the jewelry sales and with much more engagement on social media since new modern look connected them more with their women.

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