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Positioning the Blossom as a leader in the LA wellness & spa scene.

Blossom is a newly established spa just outside the LA with six treatment rooms and spa spaces. All the latest treatments are performed using skincare products based on local ingredients. Main target audience is women in 20-50y range, although Blossom is welcoming male population as well – especially having offers like romantic packages for two.



The Mission

The main task was to position their wellness & spa place as a professional brand which will eventually become a leader in the LA area. Ellen and Brittany (co-owners) wanted to portrait themselves as a high-quality service from the beginning.


Design Challenges

After reviewing three stylescapes we designed earlier, the client chose a direction with the elegant, organic and feminine vibe. They wanted something that can work both as a wordmark and symbol/patch only for various usages. We’ve made the conclusion that the best option would be to include some kind of flower or branch as it will convey the flourish story they preach in Blossom. Also, another challenge was to find a balanced color scheme that isn’t overly feminine and pinky, as it isn’t completely women-based place, but rather welcoming both genders. And both of co-owners really insisted on implementing a gold foil effect somewhere through the visual identity and elements.



The Output

After going through 2 discovery sessions with Ellen & Brittany, we established the brand voice, messaging and values. Then we came up with a few potential brand names & directions, where the name Blossom was chosen at the end. From there, we’ve built a whole visual identity system, including the new logo, set of patches and other print materials like business card, letterhead and gift cards.

The Impact

Since the brand was launched, Blossom has been a tremendous success, achieving 92% bookings capacity within the first month and +340% rapid growth of their social media accounts. They are slowly but surely establishing themselves as a top-choice in LA wellness & spa industry.




Confident, Successful, Attractive

While presenting 3 initial logo concepts and identity directions, we’ve immediately noticed that they like the second one, where we’ve used a combination of elegant modern typography and creamy peachy/gold color scheme. However, they weren’t completely sure about the symbol presented, so we made slight modifications and presented two additional variations of that direction, where we got the final outcome, rising and flourishing elegant branch which is versatile and used in different combinations.

Don’t know what to say, really. The whole experience was outstanding. From having multiple discovery sessions, listening to our pain points, ideas and visions, Ivan & team took in all that and guided us throughout the whole process. Both Britt and I felt extremely relaxed and confident that this will turn out great. And it is. I mean, since we’ve launched we are getting praises for the professional approach and interpretation of our brand and story. Another thing that I would like to mention is that Ivan is based in Croatia, so his timezone is completely on the other side from ours, but he managed everything so smoothly and in a timely manner (everything was done much earlier than we expected). So glad and lucky we reached out to you guys, thank you a lot! 🙂

Ellen, Co-Owner at Blossom


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