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When you look at something good, there is something about it that makes you label it as ‘good’. Then, if you find something superior with nothing better, then you label it as the ‘best’. This is something that you will find in all industries. Whether you look at a business that is selling products or providing services, you will notice that they can be labeled as good or bad or even best. This helps people judge the credibility of a product or service. The same thing happens when you take a quick look at the design industry. This is something witnessed in the world of brand identity or logo design. We look at the logo design when we want to find a particular product. Thus, a premium quality logo design is important in today’s business world. For example, let’s suppose you are looking for cereals and walking down an aisle. You see hundreds of boxes on both sides. But, to find the brand you like, you will search for their logo. However, if you come across a box with high-quality logo on it, you might pause and pick up the box to see what that company is. Considering all the above, it is not a surprise that many companies have spent millions of dollars in rebranding, logo design and advertising.
Let’s look at 8 most expensive logo designs and rebrands.
1. Symantec Rebranding – $1,280,000,000 The first in the list is Symantec rebranding which has gone down in history with its rebranding campaign and logo redesign that cost the company slightly over a billion dollars.This very recent rebranding was after a deal with Verisign Corporation, which saw Symantec customize its logo and incorporate tick mark of Verisign. The Verisign logo is a pixelated check mark inside a circle.Symantec spent billions of dollars to its rebrand itself, and thus drawing a lot of criticism for “just spending on rebranding.”
Though it cannot be justified whether Symantec needed to spend that much for a logo, some see this as a rebranding failure, because this company was once a major enterprise firm but now it’s having a hard time repositioning itself on the market.Currently, Symantec logo is the most expensive logo of all time by a far margin.
2. British Petroleum Logo and Rebranding – $210,000,000 The second most expensive logo was paid for by British Petroleum in 2000 and it cost the company $210,000,000!The oil & gas company based in London rebranded as ‘bp’ in small letters and shed away its classic shield logo to adopt for a much “greener” logo.They went on with the new design featuring shades of yellow and green, which was supposed to represent the company’s dedication to being more “green”.
It also was unveiled with the slogan ‘Beyond Petroleum’ as it focused more on the environmental factors too.
3. Accenture Logo Design – $100,000,000 This company which third in the list paid as much as $100,000,000 for their logo.The design consists of the word “Accenture”, which is written in lowercase and with an accent mark above it.The word Accenture is a combination of the words in the phrase “accent of the future”.
Accenture changed its name and adopted a new logo after parting ways with Anderson Consulting Group and going on its own.
4. The Rebrand of Posten Norge – $55,000,000 This state owned company spent $55,000,000 for their current logo.This seems like a lot of money for “Just a Logo”, but this company has the sole right to deliver and distribute letters across the entire Norway.The logo design features the words “Posten Norge”, with the word “Posten” meaning post.
The Posten Norge new logo came into play in 2008, and all of its post offices were rebranded.Even though the money paid for the postal logo was astronomical, the results that followed showed that it was a good investment.
5. Rebranding and Logo Design of Australia & New Zealand Banking Group(ANZ)-$15,000,000 Rebranding of the ANZ took 2 years, from 2010 to 2012, and cost $15,000,000. The design consists letters ANZ, which create an impression of movement, along with the graphic element.However, this sum included its whole new marketing strategy as well.
ANZ is the 3rd most popular bank in Australia and the biggest in New Zealand.Adequate branding was crucial for this, so spending such big amount of money rebranding and on logo design was justified.
6. BBC logo design-$1,800,000 BBC had their logo redesigned in 1997 and the whole rebranding cost the company a whopping $1,800,000.Brand awareness is vital for BBC since it is a global network and that was money well spent for them.
This clear monochromatic logo has now been recognized all across the world.
7. Pepsi Logo-$1,000,000 The logo designs and re-branding that cost the companies who ordered them over a million dollars. Pepsi is one of the biggest soft drink producers in the world and the re-design of their logo in 2008 reportedly cost $1,000,000. The new Pepsi logo now features a different distribution of colors, with the red color being more notable.
Also, the logo is tilted at an angle and is in line with the trending “flat” design.
8. 2012 London Olympics Logo – 625,000$ The London Olympics logo was designed by a brand consultancy company called Wolf Olins. When the logo was unveiled in 2007, it was criticized by citizens for its non-reflection of London’s cultural monuments’ and pathetic design.
Nevertheless, this logo design cost an astonishing $625,000 and thus putting it as one of the most expensive logo designs ever made.
There are companies that are known worldwide but they still spent millions of dollars on changing their logo. This is a clear example of the importance of this small piece of design. If a company like Pepsi is paying attention to it, then it means it is not something that can be neglected, especially by small businesses.
If you own a small business, you must be cautious about how you spend your funds.You should wisely spend your money on things that you really need and avoid those things that are not necessary. Logo design is definitely an important part of your business. It helps you achieve recognition, thus, you can’t afford to neglect this important part of your business.
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