How to Spot a Poorly Designed Logo

Although the task of finding the difference between a good and bad logo is demanding, it is not an easy task to do. To identify the difference, it is essential that initially the characteristics of the logo should be understood. A logo primarily is something that can help the businessmen to develop their prospects. It creates an image for any company that can last longer and it can also create a market for itself too. So, a good design is one that will encompass all design elements and tells precisely about an organization and its policies. It is one that has been created with lots of creativity and would possess the qualities of clarity and simplicity. It can rightly communicate the business in the form of texts and images. It is a symbol that appears everywhere in the place of the company’s name. Only when the best one is created, it will be attractive for the customers and they will rightly identify the company with the image itself.

Here are some ways to spot a bad or cheaply designed logo

Use of Stock art or Clip art.

Logos are supposed to promote a unique identity; the insertion of clip art projects a generic image of the company behind the logo and detracts from the real identity. This is true in cases companies in the same industry use the same stock photos.

Overly Complex Design

Logos must look professional and eye-catching when rendered in a multitude of sizes. Design elements that are too complex will lose their appeal when the logo size is reduced. Let’s take, for example, a logo that contains a fingerprint looks amazing when printed in large sizes, but when it is used in small advertisements, the fingerprint becomes a dirty black smudge. Scaling logos up or down also demonstrates the danger of a complex design. When stretched, they may appear chunky and thus distort the intended design of the logo.

Logo With Pixelated Edges

Logos that have pixelated edges may indicate the logo has been created using Photoshop or another software that is not intended for creating logos. The best solution for this is vector art, which can be drastically scaled up or down without harming the logo.

It Is Reliant On Colors

Logos that are reliant on color should also be avoided because they lose all of their impacts when they are printed in black-and-white. The use of color in logo design is not intrinsically bad; however, the color is not supposed to be the only source of visual interest. The lines and shapes used in the logo are also supposed to be eye-catching. Also, color is one the things that could easily attract people. There are colors that blend together and there are others that do not.A good logo should have an excellent color choice so that people do not lose their interest in your business. The customers will not be interested in logos that don’t appear good to the eyes.A professional graphic designer can advise you on which colors to use and which ones to avoid.

Has Typographic Errors

Many companies have their names embedded on the logos. In fact, there some companies have tag lines placed on their logos so as to attract more customers. However, the presence of typography errors is a sign of a cheap, poor design.These logos can gain negative criticism from the public and instead of gaining customers, companies behind them will gain a lot of negative feedback, and possibly lose even their old customers.

Poor Font Selection

The most common mistake, in this case, is using too many fonts in one design. This projects disunity and chaos and sometimes make the logo tagline difficult to read. Fonts are crucial to the overall success of a logo and must be chosen with extreme care. An otherwise excellent logo can be completely derailed by use of a font that does not project the image the logo is supposed to convey.For example, a funeral services company with cartoony fonts may indicate unprofessionalism.

Unoriginal And Imitated Logos

Logo designs should not imitate other logos. The goal is to come up with a design that conveys the qualities the business wants to communicate and is recognizable to customers. Poorly designed logos that are extremely similar to others are less likely to catch the eye and make it harder for customers to make an association between the firm and the logo.

Qualities of a Good Logo Design

Simple but creative-Logos which are reliant on many colors and with no logic behind them may create a bad impression.Thus it is very important to keep the logo design simple but creative. The use of too many elements can make the logo design complex; therefore it is advisable to use elements in a subtle way. It is also important that a logo is aesthetically appealing. The skills of a professional logo designer come into play here. Here are some examples of great logos design as well.

Using elements in a way that logo is simple yet aesthetically beautiful creates the best design.

Easily Memorable

Creative, stylish and elegant logos are always unforgettable. There are several logos which look simple and plain but they make the big brands in the world. For example BMW, Mercedes etc. A well-designed logo always creates brand re-call with the target audience.

Carry Business Philosophies

Since a logo is designed to improve the brand identity, it is extremely important to incorporate the business values and philosophies into the design. A good logo has to include the brand message that the company wants to communicate its to customers.


A good logo should be able to withstand the test of time. It may need minor changes to keep it fresh and prevent it from being outdated. You do not need to change your logo design when it already has already been embedded in the minds of your target audience. BMW brand and logo is the great example.

Versatile and Scalable

Since it provides the brand identity, a logo may be used on a website, promotional material, business cards, brochures, etc. However, different variations of the logo are used on different media. A professional graphic designer will create a logo with its variations so that the brand owner sees its usability.It is very crucial that the graphical elements are versatile to be used in different media. A logo should also be compact enough to be re-sized without compromising its aesthetic value. Stay away from poorly designed logo designs and choose a professional graphic designer to ensure that your logo is a winning logo.An expert in the field of graphic design will understand what your target buyers are seeking in terms of products or services. They will then do an extensive research on what can make your logo eye-catching and structure your design to make it usable and legible in a wide variety media.

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